10 Tips For New Drivers

One of the biggest markers of freedom for young people is getting their license, their first car, and the freedom to travel around Kansas City unencumbered by their parent’s permission or ability to drive. Summer is especially the time when school is out and many teenagers and younger drivers are cruising around looking for things to do or taking road trips with their friends. While many young drivers will take driver’s education classes, spend time practicing with an adult before their driving test, and spend time learning about the rules of the road, teenagers are the population with the highest number of car accidents based especially on inexperience. Learning how to drive is way more than passing a test- it is the hours and hours of driving time behind the wheel.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Car Accidents For Teen Drivers

In order to prevent a personal injury resulting from a car accident with an inexperienced driver, the injury attorneys at DiPasquale Moore have compiled some tips to help drivers stay safe. While the best defense when driving a car is to be alert and prepared for the unexpected, newer drivers especially need some help staying safe on the roads.

Here are some ways for a newer driver to stay safe:

  1. Never use a cell phone behind the wheel, and especially never text or surf the internet while driving. This can be worse than driving drunk.
  2. Don’t drink and drive. call us at (888) 743-1030 someone to pick you up! Crashing your car, risking serious injury to yourself and others is never worth it.
  3. Pull over the car and take a second to recover if anything is making you flustered behind the wheel. When your mind is preoccupied, you won’t be able to make the important decisions you need to.
  4. Invest in a safe car. While it may be appealing to get the latest model of a cool car, choosing a safe and reliable vehicle are more important than what is flashy.
  5. Limit the number of passengers in the vehicle at all times, and especially after dark when most of the fatal car accidents occur.
  6. Always wear your seatbelt! Not only is this required by law, but the lifesaving benefits of buckling up outweigh any reservations you may have.
  7. Minimize your distractions at all times, including playing the radio or switching channels. Distractions can result in it being too late for you to notice hazards before it’s too late.
  8. Never tailgate other drivers. Newer drivers tend not to realize the acceptable distance to follow another vehicle. Maintaining a buffer zone protects you.
  9. Slow down! Speeding only contributes to car accidents. Remaining within the posted speed limit allows you to properly react and avoid collision with other vehicles and individuals.
  10. Work your way up to larger road trips. Driving short distances at first can help you develop important skills to help you navigate rather than jumping right into it.

As a new driver, your risk of being involved in a car accident is significantly higher than the risk for experienced drivers. Staying safe is important and is as simple as paying close attention to what you are doing and how you actions may be affecting other drivers on the road.

If you have been injured in a car accident, the Kansas City personal injury lawyers at DiPasquale Moore can help. Contact our team for a free consultation to discuss your options!


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