Can I File a Product Liability Claim if I Have a Negative Reaction to Medication?

If you’ve been seriously harmed as a result of a prescription pharmaceutical drug recommended by your doctor, your best case could be for medical malpractice. However, you may have a product liability suit on your hands if your injury or worsened condition occurred because the drug in question was defectively manufactured, misleadingly advertised, or did not come with a warning about potentially harmful side effects. If you have been harmed as a direct result of a pharmaceutical drug, call us at (888) 743-1030 immediately.

Defectively Manufactured Drugs

If you have been injured, developed a new medical condition, or your condition has been made worse because of a prescription medication, there is a chance the medication could have been contaminated, accidentally mislabeled, or expired. Any of these could have been the result of negligence by the producer or manufacturer and could occur as a result of recklessness, bad business practices, and insufficient caution.

Falsely Advertised Drugs

In a products liability suit, advertising and marketing don’t merely refer to commercials, flyers, and other ads; they also refer to the product labels, including directions, warnings, and other notices about the potential side effects and consequences of misuse of the medication. If any of these are unclear, misleading, or plainly incorrect, it can result in serious harm to you, create unnecessary suffering, and cost you a lot of money in hospital bills, additional medical expenses, and even new long-term healthcare costs.

Insufficient Warnings about Hazards and Negative Side Effects

Side effects themselves do not necessarily provide grounds for a product liability suit. However, if the physical consequences of a pharmaceutical drug are so severe that they result in harm to consumers, you may be able to hold the manufacturer or seller liable for your suffering and harm. You may have a product liability case if the warnings provided about a drug’s negative side effects are not clear enough to explain or prepare a consumer for their severity, and you suffer harm as a result.

Who Can Be Held Liable in Product Liability Cases Involving Pharmaceutical Drugs?

If you endure serious physical pain, suffering, and/or injury because of a prescription drug, you may be able to bring a suit against various parties. Because there are many people involved in the production, sale, and delivery of pharmaceuticals, there are a variety of potential culprits when something goes wrong. Injured parties may be able to sue the pharmacy, pharmaceutical rep, physician, hospital, clinic, medical center, manufacturer, or laboratory that tested and approved that drug for use by consumers.

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