Is There a Link Between Talcum Powder & Cancer?

Talcum powder is a mineral made up of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen that has been ground into a powder in order to help absorb moisture and reduce friction. Many people use this to keep their skin dry or prevent rashes in places that rub together. With such a widespread use, talcum powder, or talc powder, has been found in regular household items such as baby powder and facial powder and can be found in numerous household items. What makes talc powder the most dangerous is that it contains asbestos in its most natural form, even though many household items have been asbestos-free since the 1970s.

Talcum Powder & Cancer

It is generally accepted that talc powder containing asbestos can be linked to cancer if it is inhaled. What is oftentimes up for argument is whether asbestos-free talc, found in numerous household products, can be said to cause cancer. According to scientific studies occurring both in labs and with people, talc powder can be linked to cancer. Talc particles regularly used on the genitals can cause inflammation in the ovaries if they travel and remain trapped. This inflammation can contribute to the growth of cancer cells.

Studies in humans have revealed:

  • Ovarian cancer: May cause cancer in the ovaries if talcum powder particles were to travel to the ovary.
  • Lung cancer: Since natural talc contains some level of asbestos, inhaling talcum in this state may cause cancer.
  • Other cancers: Further studies are being undertaken to determine whether or not talcum powder is cancer-causing.

According to organizations such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IAWRC), talc powder is classified talc powder as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” or “not classifiable” due to improper number of studies that have taken place. As such, the American Cancer Society recommends limiting the amount of products with talcum powder used in order to reduce or prevent cancer connected to its exposure.

Take Action With Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers!

Despite the link that has been found between talcum powder and cancer, little studies have been done on the extent of its effect and no warnings have been given to the public to curb or reduce its usage. Many judges and juries have fought back against the largest manufacturers of talcum powder products and have ruled in favor of those whose cancers can be linked to talc use.

With a record of success, the Kansas City personal injury lawyers are dedicated to recovering monetary awards when the negligent actions of a talcum manufacturing company has resulted in serious cancer. Schedule a consultation with our attorneys to learn if you have a case and how our experienced legal team can help!


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