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Paralysis injuries can alter the course of your future, and shape the routines of your daily life in new ways. While you can ultimately adapt to paralyzing injuries with time, there’s no question this adaptation process is difficult and painful, and you may need additional financial resources to make it work. If your catastrophic injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, there is a chance you could win significant compensation for your losses. Our paralysis injury lawyers at DiPasquale Moore have over 100 years of experience fighting for our clients’ rights to compensation, and we can review your case to determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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What Are the Main Types of Paralysis Injuries?

Any number of tragic accidents can cause an injury that leaves you paralyzed, and the degrees of the paralysis can vary as well. For the most part, paralysis is directly caused by spinal cord injuries, but there are also other reasons you can become paralyzed.

Some of the major types of paralysis and their causes can include:

  • Monoplegia: This type of paralysis only affects one limb, or a specific area of the body. While it can be very traumatizing, this is one of the less severe forms of paralysis, and it can be improved with physical therapy in some cases. Accidents that typically cause monoplegia include brain injuries and strokes, and any incident where a patient is deprived of oxygen for too long. This makes monoplegia a common result after medical malpractice occurs.
  • Paraplegia: Paraplegia affects the area below the waist, which can include loss of function in the legs, hips, or genitals. Patients report different levels of sensation and mobility, but there’s no question paraplegia can be extremely traumatic and require the use of a wheelchair or other support devices. The most common accidents are those related to spinal cord injuries, such as falls, slips, sports injuries, and car accidents.
  • Quadriplegia: Also called tetraplegia, this injury affects both the legs and the arms. Whether your quadriplegia injury is a total or a partial loss of sensory and motor control, the consequences of quadriplegia will impact way you move through the world. These injuries most often come from spinal cord injuries, especially traumatic accidents, falls, and diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Holding the Right Parties Accountable for Your Paralysis

Depending on the extent of your paralysis, you may be entitled to different levels of damages in court. Additionally, holding the right parties responsible can be complicated by the nature of your accident – and some parties may be more able to provide adequate compensation for your injuries than others. That’s why it’s important to review all the details of your case with an experienced personal injury attorney first.

Here are some of the most common parties that may be liable for your paralysis injuries:

  • Doctors & surgeons
  • Negligent drivers
  • Insurance companies
  • Truck drivers
  • Negligent property owners

If you’ve been affected by paralysis, don’t hesitate to take action against the parties responsible. Living with any level of paralysis can cost more than $42,000 a year, and living with full quadriplegia can end up costing you millions annually. Ensuring you have the financial assistance you need from the parties responsible will be critical to your long-term welfare. Our injury attorneys at DiPasquale Moore have handled many cases like these over the years, and we have the experience and the professionalism to fight for what you are owed to live comfortably.

Living with a paralysis injury can be devastating. If you’ve been injured and suspect negligence may have caused it, consult with our Kansas City catastrophic injury attorneys at DiPasquale Moore. You can reach our office at (888) 743-1030.


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