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Recover Your Losses After An Amputation Injury

More than 2 million people in the United States live with limb loss, and the vast majority of them suffered the loss after a traumatic accident. Amputation alters everything about your life, from how you approach dressing in the morning to driving your kids to school. As such, it’s imperative that you hold the right parties accountable for your injuries if another’s carelessness caused your accident. You may also need financial assistance to cover your medical expenses and accommodate for prosthetics and ongoing care. Our Kansas City catastrophic injury lawyers are here to help you get that financial assistance.

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Who Is Liable for an Amputation Injury?

Amputations can result from a range of accidents, but all of them share in common great emotional disturbances and lasting psychological damage. If you’ve lost a limb in an amputation, you may have grounds for compensation if you can demonstrate the person or group responsible for the accident was negligent.

Missouri personal injury cases hinge on the legal doctrine of negligence, which essentially means that the defendant must have had a “duty of care” towards you as the plaintiff, one which they did not fulfill. Their failure must be the direct cause of the injury that led to your limb loss. The court will also measure the standard of conduct by a “reasonably prudent person,” meaning that they have to have acted in an unreasonably negligent way. Your case must be filed within 5 years of the accident that caused the amputation, according to the Missouri statute of limitations.

Some of the most common accidents where an amputation injury may occur include:

What Defines Amputation as a Catastrophic Injury?

Amputation is defined as a catastrophic injury because it fundamentally alters the way that your life is lived. The primary difference between a standard personal injury case and a catastrophic injury is that the latter is permanent, debilitating, and can often require a lifetime of care. While they can differ in seriousness, amputations nearly always fit that category.

When you suffer an amputation injury, you may experience:

  • Pain and suffering. Amputations are exceptionally painful, even when treated with the best medical care. The initial injury is often one of the most difficult aspects
  • Psychological grief. Some medical experts think that losing a limb is psychologically similar to losing a spouse in its gravity.
  • Phantom limb pain. Amputees often experience phantom limb pain. It’s estimated more than 80% of amputees suffer from this side effect, which comes with stabs of discomfort, burning sensations, and itching.
  • Fatigue. Aside from the toll on your body, losing a limb can cause you to become tired more often and more easily. Your nervous system, as well as other appendages, often bear the brunt of losing the limb, overtaxing you to exhaustion.
  • Difficulty adapting to the amputation. Depending on your injuries, life after an amputation may look very different than it did before. From needing the use of prosthetics or wheelchairs to losing social activities or preferred hobbies, your injury may represent a substantial difficulty in adjusting.
  • Muscle contractions. Because other appendages and organs must take up the impact and stress in the wake of an amputation, you may experience muscle pain and stiffness in new areas as your body adjusts. This can include muscle contractions.

Get the Compensation You Need with DiPasquale Moore

Our Kansas City amputation injury attorneys at DiPasquale Moore can help you fight for the compensation you need after your injury takes place. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to adapt to life post-amputation, but rest assured that if your accident was caused by negligence, we can fight for your right to as much comfort as possible. Our legal team can also review your case and help you identify where liability falls, and if negligence occurred.

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