17 People Confirmed Dead After Tragic Duck Boat Accident in Missouri


Most Recent Reports Reveal 14 Survivors, 17 Casualties

On Thursday evening, July 19, 2018, a major storm struck Table Rock Lake in southwestern Missouri. When the storm hit, a duck boat carrying 31 people struggled to stay afloat while making its way back to shore. The squall continued to get worse and the ripples on the lake grew into large waves, ultimately overturning the vessel.

After the duck boat capsized and began to sink, Branson police immediately went into action and brought in the US Coast Guard to help locate missing people using divers and sonar. The search continued throughout the night and into this morning. As of approximately 12:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) on July 20, 2018, all passengers have been accounted for.

There are 14 survivors and 17 casualties. Among the deceased are children, senior adults, and the driver of the boat, Robert Williams.

What Caused the Duck Boat Accident?

The squall on Table Rock Lake hit quickly and suddenly, and authorities issued a severe thunderstorm warning roughly 30 minutes before the duck boat was overturned. There is currently no definitive information regarding when the tour boat departed.

The president of the tour boat operation’s parent company, Jim Pattison, Jr. said he did not know what time the duck boat went out on the water. He stated that the boat was on its way back to the dock when waves overwhelmed the vessel, forcing it to partially submerge and turn over.

There are currently no claims being made regarding fault for the accident. The duck boat tour company, Ride the Ducks Branson, is cooperating with authorities and has closed for business in order to “support the investigation and allow time to grieve for families and the community.”

Our Hearts Break for Victims of the Duck Boat Accident and Their Families

Our team at DiPasquale Moore is deeply disturbed to hear of the 17 passengers who were killed in this disastrous accident. Our hearts are saddened to think of the surviving family members and friends who will continue on in the absence of their loved ones. If you or someone you love was harmed during the duck boat incident, the boating accident attorneys on our staff offer their services to you and are prepared to help if at all possible.

We have handled a number of similar cases and successfully advocated for individuals and families dealing with the fallout of boating accidents, which often include large incurred expenses, medical bills, funeral costs, and so on. In one instance, we were able to reach a settlement of $900,000.00 following a serious boat accident, in order to help the injured and their loved ones recuperate without facing unnecessary financial hardship. If you are in need of legal services, we have the skill and experience necessary to take your case.

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