How to Drive Safely Around Semi-Trucks

Trucking accidents cause thousands of deaths every year. While some of the most serious accidents can be a result from negligent truck drivers, there are several things you can do as a passenger vehicle driver to ensure your commute is safe.

Turn with Caution

The most common trucking accident occurs when drivers attempt to cut in next to a semi-truck as it’s making a right turn. In order for a truck to clear the turn, it needs to take up additional lanes as it completes the turn. Avoid trying to quickly pass the truck on the right hand side because the truck will return to its lane once it is done turning.

Be Careful Passing

The right hand side of a truck is where its most prominent blind spot is located – it runs down the entire length of the trailer and extends out three lanes. If you need to pass, be clear with your intentions by turning on your blinker and pass quickly. If you cannot pass a truck quickly, your best option is to fall behind the truck and pass when it’s safer.

Make Sure You Can be Seen

When driving around large trucks, keep in mind that if you can’t see its mirrors, it’s likely the truck driver can’t see you. Especially when driving behind the truck, maintain vision of both mirrors. Once a truck driver discovers a car is trapped in their blind spot, their only option is to slow down in the hopes that you accelerate and pass.

Avoid Tailgating

Driving too close to a truck puts you in harm’s way for a number of reasons. If the truck driver needs to stop abruptly or swerve to avoid an unexpected traffic hazard, you are given little if no time at all to react appropriately. Maintain a distance of approximately three cars between the front of your car and the back of the truck.

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