5 Things: What You Can Do After a Car Accident


DiPasquale | Moore car accidentsFar too often, there are individuals who are involved in car accidents and they are unsure of what is necessary to do after the crash to protect themselves. They feel as though they’re able to go through the claims-filing process with no problems.

Unfortunately, doing so can be dangerous to their rights and their ability to seek compensation.

This makes it absolutely imperative for those involved to understand the steps that are necessary following a car accident in order to pursue a claim. Not everyone understands the potential legal matters involved in a car accident and what it could mean for them.

Before you pursue any actions following a car accident, it’s important to remember to take these steps to give yourself a favorable position moving forward.

1. Exchanging the Right Information with the Responsible Party

No matter the circumstances involved in the car accident, exchanging information is extremely important, especially when it’s the other party who is responsible for the crash. This information can be the helping factor in pursuing your claim.

This is the information you want to get:

  • Driver’s license information of the negligent party: This can help your insurance company—and potentially your legal team—identify the other party.
  • Contact information for the negligent driver: This allows your insurance company to reach out to them to continue the claims-filing process.
  • The other driver’s insurance information: You want to know what coverages they have, as well as give your insurance company and legal team some insight and communication with the other party’s insurance provider.

Having the right information can aid you through the process without having to worry about missing some of the documents you need. This can also help you understand a situation that may involve an uninsured or underinsured driver.

2. Make Sure the Accident is Reported with the Necessary Parties

Once you get the information you need, make sure you are reporting the accident to the necessary parties, if possible. This could mean making sure the authorities are contacted and come to the scene to put together an accident report complete with the details of the specifics of the accident.

You should also contact your insurance company and file a claim with your coverage provider. This gives you the opportunity to put your side of the story on paper, and provide yourself a bit of protection as your insurance company can start exchanging the necessary information with the negligent party’s insurance company.

3. Take Any Photos You Can Use to Your Benefit In Your Claim

As long as you are physically able to do so, you should take all of the necessary pictures to help build your case. They say pictures are worth 1,000 words, and this is true with your car accident claim as these pictures can do wonders for your pursuit of compensation.

Start with pictures of the scene of the accident, including some potential road dangers such as missing traffic signals, covered stop signs, or missing guard rails. Other pictures at the scene of the accident could show signs of negligence, such as tire marks from when the other driver had to brake after potentially speeding.

You also want to take pictures of the damage to both vehicles. This could help show which angles may have caused the accident. Also, taking pictures of any visible injuries can help show that harm resulted from the accident.

4. Get Medical Attention as Soon as You Can

One of the most important things that a person can do after a car accident is to seek medical attention. This is a necessary step for a number of reasons, especially when you consider the number of serious injuries a person can sustain after the crash.

Getting medical attention first helps to take care of your own personal harm, allowing you to get the treatment necessary to begin the healing process. The doctor can diagnose any injury that may have been sustained and start any necessary procedures.

Seeking medical attention can also help the injured party because it adds an instrumental piece of evidence to the case. A medical report can help show that the injury was a result of the accident, as well as detail just how serious the accident was.

5. Speak with a Lawyer Who Can Explain Your Rights

Claims are not easy, and they often involve large insurance companies looking to limit their liability with the help of legal teams with experience protecting from these situations. As such, as the injured party, you need to ensure that you recognize your own rights to legal representation.

Having a car accident attorney on your side can help you determine negligence and liability, build a strong case regarding the matter, and pursue compensation in an effective manner. It also helps you protect your rights from the tactics the insurance companies often use to limit their liability.

At DiPasquale Moore, we look for any angle to help you protect your rights and pursue negligent parties for their reckless actions. We represent injured individuals in Missouri and Kansas. Our ultimate priority is the rights and best interests of anyone who sustains injuries as a result of negligence.

Our team is committed to helping you through professional and experienced representation. When your rights are on the line, you can count on our team to put your needs first and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Call our firm today at (816) 888-7500 and speak with a dedicated lawyer about your case. We offer free consultations to help you understand whether you have a case or not, and what to expect next.


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