8 Common Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents 


Car wrecks happen in the blink of an eye, but the injuries and trauma sustained from them can linger much longer and have a lasting impact on your life. You never know what sort of damage you could end up with if you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident because each one has its own circumstances and results. However, we’ll explore the most common auto accident injuries and provide you with insight on your legal rights and next steps.  

Types of Injuries from Car Accidents  

It’s important to seek medical attention immediately if you’ve been in a car accident. You may not be aware of your injuries or the extent of them while you are at the site of the accident. Whether it is something minor or something big, you should be evaluated as soon as possible. This is not only in your best interest for recovery but also helps you gather evidence for your claim.  

1. Fractures or Broken Bones 

Car accidents can easily result in fractures or broken bones throughout the body. Swelling, deformity, or pain is common with this, but it is also likely that you would not notice immediately due to the adrenaline rush proceeding an accident. 

2. Whiplash 

This is a common car accident injury that results from the rapid back-and forth motion of the neck. Whiplash and other neck related injuries can lead to pain, stiffness, or headaches.  

These injuries are not comfortable to live with and can affect your daily life. Filing an auto accident claim can help you recover costs and seek justice.  

3. Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries have major impacts on your day-to-day life. These can lead to a loss of sensation or paralysis.  

Since these injuries often result in lifelong challenges and ongoing care, a car crash claim can help you secure the necessary resources to help to find your new normal. These claims may help cover medical expenses, rehab, or any assistive devices you may need.  

4. Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 

Head injuries are tricky to handle and can lead to concussions that require strict bed rest or even a more severe traumatic brain injury. You could be dealing with symptoms like headaches, confusion, or loss of memory, just to name a few. 

These brain-related injuries have the potential for long-term consequences. Filing a car accident claim can help provide financial support during your recovery and compensate you for expenses like medical bills, therapy, or lost wages.  

5. Bruising and Scarring  

Physical scars and bruises are reminders of an accident. Due to contact with hard surfaces or objects, it’s not uncommon for victims of car accidents to walk away with bruising, scarring, and emotional distress as a result of either.  

6. Burns 

Burns result from contact with hot surfaces, fluids, or the car’s engine. These are painful injuries that range in degree. While first degree burns result in pain, redness, or swelling, second, third, or fourth-degree burns can lead to nerve damage, blisters, or charred skin depending on severity.  

These injuries can take intensive surgery and weeks of recovery to heal, not to mention long-term complications and psychological trauma. Due to physical and emotional distress, filing a car accident claim can help you recover costs for medical expenses or pain and suffering.  

7. Psychological Injuries  

Experiencing a car accident can trigger psychological conditions like PTSD, anxiety, or depression. These types of injuries are real and impactful and can have debilitating effects on your daily life.  

Filing a car crash claim can help you access the help you need to process your trauma and move forward. Your accident compensation could help take care of therapy costs, medication, and even lost quality of life.  

8. Chest Injuries 

Chest injuries like rib fractures, or damage to internal organs can be painful and may require extensive treatment. They can lead to difficulty moving, breathing, and returning to your normal routine.  

You can ease the financial burden of these injuries by filing a claim that can compensate you for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  

Filing a claim can provide relief for injuries such as these and ensure compensation for any medical expenses or pain and suffering involved.    

Injured in a Car Accident? DiPasquale Moore Can Help 

Car accidents can have profound and lasting impacts on your physical and emotional well-being. Filing a claim is a crucial step to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve to cover predictable and unpredictable expenses.  

Seeking experienced legal representation to help you navigate this process is one way of guaranteeing you’ll be compensated fairly. Our team is dedicated to advocating for your rights and allowing you to focus on your recovery while we work through this process. Don’t hesitate to contact DiPasquale Moore today for a free consultation. Your recovery begins with us.  



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