Amtrak Train Derails In Missouri


Our team at DiPasquale Moore is deeply disturbed to hear of the Amtrak train derailment in Mendon, Missouri, on Monday, June 27. Our hearts are saddened to think of the surviving family members and friends who will continue on in the absence of their loved ones. 

At this time, there are more questions than answers. What we know is that Amtrak train bound for Chicago with 243 passengers and 12 crew members on board reportedly crashed on Monday, June 27, 2022, into a dump truck in Mendon, Missouri, which is approximately 80 miles Northwest of Columbia Missouri and 100 miles Northeast of Kansas City. Several injuries have been reported as well as fatalities due to the crash. Apparently, the crossing had no signals or gates.

But we don’t yet know the speed of the train, who was at the controls and the other circumstances leading up to this tragedy. All of this could lead to the potential for recovery against one or more parties. In our pursuit for justice, the law firm DiPasquale Moore is committed to seeking and finding answers to these questions and holding accountable those at fault.

“My team is ready to help you investigate what happened, why it happened and to pursuing justice on behalf of those who were injured or lost loved ones. This can be incredibly complex, but my team is committed to helping you to deal with the fallout, which often includes large medical expenses and funeral expenses.” –Michael DiPasquale.

DiPasquale Moore is representing one of the injured passengers onboard the Amtrak. Read more in our Press Release.

If you have been impacted by this accident or know of a loved one, family member or friend that was injured in the Amtrak derailment or a please contact DiPasquale Moore at (816) 888-7500. If you or someone you love was harmed in this incident, the attorneys on our staff offer their services to you and are prepared to help. If you or a loved one are in need of legal services, we have the skill and experience necessary to take your case.


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