Can a “Minor” Car Accident Cause Injuries?


Certain situations appear minor at first but reveal themselves to be more serious later. Mild symptoms may indicate a much more serious condition. A white lie might spiral out of control. Injuries, like bruises, sometimes take a while to appear. This is especially true when it comes to low-impact car accidents.

“Fender Benders”

The term fender bender can be misleadingly frivolous. While damage to the car may be minor, studies show that injuries sustained in a car accident have no relationship to the amount of damage sustained by the vehicle, nor the speed of the collision. While some accidents occur without injury, you know your body best. Even if it’s a few days after an accident, if you notice a pain in the neck, or more frequent headaches, your neuromusculoskeletal system may have been affected.


Even when a car is traveling at its slowest possible speeds, it is typically faster than the maximum speeds accomplished by humans. The average man can only sprint at a rate of 8.3mph, and the average woman can only run 6.5mph. Even Usain Bolt, widely considered to be the fastest man in the world, hasn’t exceeded 27.8mph. When a car is moving faster than humanly possible and collides with another, both vehicles might suddenly stop moving with little to no damage, but the people inside keep moving at rates that are unnatural for human beings.  When this happens, it is no surprise that the neck can undergo stress, sprain, and hyperextension. A person’s neck is not meant to be thrown back and forth like this, even at speeds considered low or “safe” in automobile accidents. When these types of injuries happen, we refer to them as whiplash. While serious, whiplash is sometimes challenged by insurance companies, which incorrectly compare the damage of the vehicle to injuries in human beings – who are much more fragile.

More Severe Injuries

Sometimes, injuries to the head or neck can be more severe. In rear end accidents and other types of “minor” collisions, vertebrae in the neck can sustain damage that may require surgical fusion. Any type of sudden acceleration and deceleration can cause a person’s head to accelerate faster than the vehicle they are riding in. Depending on someone’s spinal fortitude, and frankly, on their luck, they may sustain injuries that insurance companies struggle to expect or believe. Nevertheless, it is important for the victim to take their injuries seriously. Orthopedic and neurological specialists can confirm the severity of damage, and get you started with treatment, so it is important to see a doctor or specialist as soon as your symptoms arise.

“Controversial” Injuries

Whiplash and other head or neck injuries sustained during low-impact car accidents are considered controversial. Without seeing visible damage, it is hard for a third-party to understand what you might be going through. Surely, there are some individuals who want to get the most out of insurance companies, but most people who complain of injuries like this simply want to seek treatment and regain the comfort they had before the accident.

If an insurance company is challenging your whiplash claim, you should not put off getting treatment and you should speak to an attorney right away. Medical experts will be able to prove and begin treating any damage to your neuromusculoskeletal system, and an attorney can help you get reimbursed and compensated for damages, including medical expenses and rehabilitative treatments.

If you are in pain, our attorneys at Dipasquale Moore believe you, and would be honored to fight for justice on your behalf. Call us today at (816) 888-7500 or come in for a free consultation.



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