Can You Prevent Nursing Home Abuse?


In a survey of 2,000 nursing home residents, respondents reported an abuse rate of 44% and neglect rate of 95%. With statistics this high, it’s in your best interest to do all you can to ensure your elderly loved one does not experience abuse or neglect in their nursing home.

What to Look For in a Nursing Home

When searching for a nursing home for your elderly loved one, it’s important to take a personal tour of the facility and ensure it is a safe and caring home for your relative. When touring the nursing home, take the following steps to ensure the nursing home is staffed and maintained properly:

  • Dine with your relative in the nursing home cafeteria. This is a great way for you to understand how your relative will be nourished during their time there.

  • Listen to how staff members interact with the residents. Make sure the staff addresses the residents the way they want to be addressed and speak to them respectfully.

  • Ask the staff if they feel overworked. Find out if the staff often have to work double shifts or overtime. This is a telltale sign that the staff are overworked or stressed.

  • See how residents spend their time. A good nursing home will have a daily calendar of activities which your relative can participate in.

While you cannot prevent every instance of nursing home abuse or neglect, choosing a good nursing home can help reduce the likelihood of your elderly relative experiencing abuse.

If you do suspect nursing home abuse, our Kansas City nursing home abuse attorneys can help you hold the responsible party accountable. We have a proven track record of success and we will go after your interests without compromise.

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