Founder Jason Moore Interviewed on Business Liability for COVID-19


Now that almost half of the states in America have officially reopened for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are voicing concerns about their legal responsibilities. After all, if someone develops food poisoning after dining in a restaurant, the victim may decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and hold the business owner civilly liable for their losses. But does the same principle apply to COVID-19 infection, given how quietly and quickly this virus tends to spread?

As a noted injury attorney serving Kansas City, our founding partner Jason Moore was recently asked to share his thoughts on the matter with FOX4 news in Kansas City. Noting that the definition for personal injury and wrongful death hasn’t changed just for COVID-19, Attorney Moore said that “Businesses could very well face legal claims and consequences if people do get sick.”

Of course, Attorney Moore also added that this situation has been unprecedented and that “[you] never really know until you litigate, and the judge or jury tells you whether it was reasonable or not.” That means that business owners should, at a minimum, observe the CDC guidelines on COVID-19 prevention and also use good judgment to keep their customers and employees safe.

Ultimately, it is difficult to tell how businesses will be held liable for coronavirus cases at this early stage in the reopening process. However, if you have questions about your Kansas City business or a potential claim against a business owner, it’s important to speak with a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

At DiPasquale Moore, our lawyers have decades of experience helping clients throughout Missouri and Kansas, serving them from our offices in Kansas City and Topeka respectively. With compassionate counsel and rigorous advocacy, we can represent individuals in complex COVID-19 lawsuits or help local businesses better understand their responsibilities.

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