How Often Should a Truck Be Serviced?


a truck being servicedTrucks carry heavy loads over long distances. This means they require more frequent maintenance than traditional vehicles to remain in safe working condition. Trucking companies are responsible for scheduling regular maintenance for the vehicles in their fleet. Learn just how often this should occur.

Recommended Truck Maintenance Schedules

Depending on the distance a truck travels and the type of loads it carries, the vehicle may require maintenance at different times. In general, all trucks should receive the following types of maintenance:
  • Basic service every 15,000 miles: For every 15,000 miles a truck travels, it should receive basic service that includes checking light and brake functionality and refilling vital fluids.
  • Thorough inspections every 30,000 miles: For every 30,000 miles a truck travels, it should undergo a thorough inspection. During this inspection, the truck’s oil should be changed, as well as the oil, air, and fuel filters. It’s also recommended to complete minor repairs during this time.
  • Full inspections once per year: At least once per year, every truck should undergo a full inspection. During this inspection, engine performance should be analyzed. The engine should be replaced if it is discovered that the engine has worn out or poses some sort of danger to the vehicle.
It’s up to trucking companies to schedule regular maintenance for their vehicles and keep thorough records of these services. Sadly, however, trucking companies sometimes skimp on these obligations. This can result in dangerous trucks traveling on the road.

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