How to Stay Safe When Cooking a Turkey


Preventing Thanksgiving Disasters

Many people across the country cook their Thanksgiving turkeys in various ways ranging from the traditional oven-roasted method to throwing a turkey in a deep fryer. Unfortunately, deep-frying a turkey comes with significant safety risks that, if not known in advance, could lead to a disaster.

To ensure your safety this holiday season, here are several safety tips to follow when deep-frying a turkey.

Thaw and Dry Your Turkey

First, you need to make sure that the turkey you plan on cooking is completely thawed out and dried from any water. When hot oil and water come into contact, the oil can bubble up and spill over onto the fire, and this fire can burn you and your property. Don’t put a frozen or partially thawed turkey into your deep fryer.

Fry Your Turkey Away From Your House

To prevent any possible damage to your home or loved ones, you should fry your turkey further away from your house. Exactly how far away from your house is up to you, but we recommend that you keep your fryer at least 10 feet away from your house. You should also ensure that your fryer is set up on flat ground to prevent it from tipping at any point.

While the turkey is frying, you should keep any children or pets away from the fryer to prevent them from sustaining injuries.

Don’t Leave The Turkey Unattended

It’s critical that you keep an eye on the turkey at all times while it is cooking. Leaving a turkey unattended could result in it tipping over and causing damage or injuries.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature

As the turkey cooks, it’s possible for the oil’s temperature to become so hot that it begins affecting the temperature of the fryer itself. If you don’t know how hot the fryer has become, you could end up sustaining burns from touching hot metal handles or other parts of the fryer.

Have a Backup Plan In Case of Emergency

Sometimes, unfortunately, things can go awry even with safety precautions taken. In the event of an oil overflow or fire, have a fire extinguisher nearby to put it out as quickly as you can.

Injured Because of Faulty Equipment?

There are times, however, when a turkey fryer is defective because of the manufacturer’s negligence in production. If you’ve been injured because of a faulty turkey fryer, know that you have the right to pursue compensation for the damages you’ve sustained. You shouldn’t have to worry about missed work wages or medical bills because of someone else’s negligence in making a product.

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