Lane Splitting 101


a man riding a motorcycleLane splitting involves riding a motorcycle between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic. It’s typically done in an effort to bypass traffic congestion. But, is it legal? The answer is complicated in Missouri.

Is Lane Splitting Legal?

There are three main ways that motorcyclists move with traffic, including the following:
  • Lane sharing: The motorcyclist moves with the flow of traffic in the same lane as other vehicles.
  • Lane filtering: The motorcyclist repeatedly changes lanes in an effort to get around slow-moving or stopped traffic.
  • Lane splitting: The motorcyclist rides in between lanes in an effort to get around slow-moving or stopped traffic.
While the legality of lane sharing and lane filtering rarely come into question, there is still much confusion about lane splitting. The laws surrounding lane splitting vary from state to state. California is the only state in the country that has explicitly legalized lane splitting. In other states, lane splitting is either outright illegal or has unclear laws surrounding it.

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Kansas?

In Kansas, lane splitting is illegal. However, one motorcyclist can share a lane with another motorcyclist side by side. The laws in Missouri, however, are a bit more complicated. Lane splitting is not mentioned and not specifically prohibited by state law. Therefore, bikers should assume that their actions will be deemed legal or illegal by state highway patrol on a case-by-case basis. So, even though there may not be a specific law prohibiting lane splitting in Missouri, you may still receive a ticket for it if your actions are deemed dangerous.

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