Teen Driver Safety Tips for Back to School Month


As parents, it’s both an exciting and stressful time when your child gets their driver’s license. They have more freedom, but also a lot more responsibility. A lot of teenagers feel invincible, which can mean they underestimate the risks around them. Take some time to sit down with your teenager and go over these important driving safety tips.

Buckle Up

Don’t underestimate the importance of a seatbelt. “It’s a short drive; I’ll be fine,” is a dangerous way of thinking. In fact, did you know that most car accidents happen close to home? Take a few seconds to buckle up – it could save your life!

Don’t Get Distracted

Teen drivers are more likely to give in to driving distractions than adults are. Some things that specifically influence teen drivers include:

  • Texting

  • Changing music while driving

  • Loud passengers

  • Roadside distractions (stores, houses, advertisements, etc.)

Looking away from the road for just one second can lead to an accident. Make sure that your teenager knows to keep their eyes on the road and not on the phone.

Obey Speed Limits

This isn’t just a suggestion, it’s the law. Not only could speeding lead to expensive fines and points on your license, but it can lead to serious injury. Speeding is responsible for over 25% of all traffic fatalities. The faster the car is going, the longer it takes to come to a stop. Speed will also increase the intensity of the collision.

Some teenagers give into peer pressure and engage in street races with their friends. Make sure your teenager knows the risks of driving at an excessive speed.

Don’t Drink and Drive

A DUI at any age is a serious offense, but especially so when the driver is not yet 21 years old. Some teenagers may begin trying alcohol with their friends years before they are of legal drinking age. Unfortunately, this can create a dangerous situation. From the teenage perspective, the threat of telling their parents they were underage drinking may be seen as more severe than the risks of driving home intoxicated.

Ensure your child knows that their safety is your top priority, and if they find themselves in this situation, they can call you for a safe ride home.

Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers

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