The Downsides of a DIY Personal Injury Claim


a gavel superimposed on a courthouse and legal scalesIn the wake of a serious accident or injury, you may face hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. You may not be able to return to work or live independently.

In such dire financial circumstances, it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to recover the maximum possible compensation from the negligent party.

Failing to do so, and deciding to go through the process on your own, jeopardizes your chances of recovering such compensation and regaining financial security.

Don’t Harm Your Chances by Working Alone

When you decide to undergo the personal injury process alone, you are missing out on the expertise that a personal injury attorney can provide. This includes the following:

  • Experience with similar claims

  • Knowledge of state laws and legal processes

  • Contact information for high-quality investigators

  • Alternative ways to reach a resolution, including mediation and trial

  • Connections with other lawyers who may assist in your case

  • Experience achieving higher settlements

  • Qualified representation in trial

When you consider filing a personal injury claim on your own, consider the ramifications that may result in the long run if you decide to skimp out on attorney fees now.

In fact, many law firms operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay the attorney a cent unless they win your case. Then, the attorney’s payment is deducted from the ultimate verdict or settlement. So, there are few to no disadvantages to working with a personal injury attorney in the wake of an accident.

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