Turkey Carving Safety Tips


Safety is the Word for Carving the Bird

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, safety while preparing your big dinner is key to enjoying the holiday. Perhaps no dinner activity requires more safety than carving the turkey. You should be safe when using sharp knives, especially when cutting something as big as a turkey.

Here are several safety tips so you can carve your turkey with caution.

Use a Sharp Knife

You need to make sure that the knife you use to cut your turkey is sharp enough to actually cut the meat of the bird. Using a knife that isn’t sharp enough or is completely dull might cause you to try and use force, and using force with a knife could cause the knife to become unstable and injure you.

Keep Children Away

This might sound obvious, but you should not let your children in the room where you will be carving the turkey. Excited children running around an area with sharp objects is a recipe for disaster; have children wait at the table while you carve your turkey to prevent injury.

Use an Electric Knife, If Available

Electric carving tools make cutting through turkey much easier! Their motor-powered cutting allows you to carve through the meat with ease. If you have one available, use it along with proper safety protocols.

Don’t Force Through Bone

Cutting through the bones and joints of the turkey can be incredibly dangerous, as they are some of the toughest parts of the turkey. If you’re trying to force through them with your knife, your knife could slip off of these parts and cause an injury. Rather, use kitchen shears to cut through these tough sections of the bird.

Carve Away From Yourself

You should never make any attempt at cutting in the direction of where you are standing. Keep one hand away from the knife if you are gripping something to keep the turkey stable, or consider using a meat fork to hold the turkey in place while you carve. Cut away from yourself to prevent any unnecessary injury.

Keep Distractions Away

Turkey carving requires your full attention. Distractions while using sharp objects can lead to serious injuries. Keep anything that might distract you out of where you will be carving your bird, including any pets or children.

Injured Due to Negligence?

Having Thanksgiving dinner with friends can be a wonderful way to celebrate the day, but injuries can occur that can leave you wondering how you will take care of yourself and your family. Those you celebrate with could be held liable for your injuries. If this occurs, know that you have rights. The team at DiPasquale Moore can help you file a claim and seek the damages you deserve.

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