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What NOT to Do When You Have Been Injured in an Accident 


Car accidents are stressful experiences. In the aftermath of a collision, it may feel like there are a million and one things going on. From seeking medical attention for you and others involved to explaining the situation to law enforcement, it can start to get overwhelming. We recommend taking a pause before letting the situation carry you away. It’s essential to know what steps to take after an accident and, equally important, what not to do.  

5 Things You Should Not Do After a Car Accident 

1.Leave the Scene of the Accident 

Leaving the scene of an accident not only looks poor on your end, but it is also illegal and can result in serious consequences especially if there is significant damage or injuries. Take a breath before panicking and stay at the scene. Check on the well-being of those involved and call the police to report the accident. 

2. Post on Social Media 

Social media is a popular form of communication these days but it’s important not to discuss the accident whatsoever on your profiles. Refrain from posting photos about it or commenting on it. This can all be used against you later by insurance companies or legal teams, so it is better to maintain a low profile until the accident is resolved and in the past.  

3. Forget to Contact Your Insurance Company 

It’s helpful to get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible after an accident. Not doing so could affect your ability to file a claim and receive compensation for damages. Be sure to provide accurate information about the accident and cooperate with their requests.  

4. Neglect Medical Attention 

You or your loved ones may feel fine but one of the biggest mistakes people make is turning down medical attention. Injuries are not always apparent immediately after an accident. It’s always in your best interest to get checked out by a medical professional. This prevents delays in treatment which could harm your health.  

5. Not Hire a Car Accident Lawyer 

People often think that they don’t need to consult with a car accident attorney after a crash. Firms like DiPasquale Moore specialize in personal injury cases and can provide essential guidance to protect your rights and maximize compensation. It’s important not to go through the legal process alone- this can lead to undesirable outcomes and more stress. 

Why Shouldn’t You Discuss Fault at the Scene of a Crash? 

Discussing fault is one of the critical things to avoid after a car accident. Even if you believe you may have contributed to it, it’s better to consult with an experienced lawyer first. Determining fault is complex and requires investigating to accurately and fairly assess. Any statements you make can have significant legal consequences.  

Learn more about navigating car accidents and admitting fault in our blog on “Why You Do Not Say Sorry After a Car Accident”. 

What Happens If You Don’t Exchange Information After an Accident? 

Failing to exchange contact and insurance information with other parties involved in the accident can create complications when filing claims or seeking compensation. Not having information or not having accurate information can hinder your case and make it challenging to gather evidence.  

It’s important to exchange information such as: 

  • Contact information  
  • Insurance details  
  • License plate  
  • Vehicle information  

DiPasquale Moore Has Recovered Millions for Victims of Car Accidents 

Remember, the moments following a car accident can have significant impacts on your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. It’s important to avoid these common mistakes to protect your interests and to ensure a smoother recovery.  

Our team is on your side. With over 100 years of collective experience and millions recovered on behalf of car accident clients we’ve represented previously; we have the knowledge and skills needed to win. Consult with a professional personal injury attorney who knows the ins and outs of car accident claims. Contact DiPasquale Moore’s team and we’ll assess your case during our free consultation. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in your time of need.   



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