Who Can be Held Liable for a Work Zone Accident?


Work zones are essential to maintain safe and efficient roads. Unfortunately, their presence also poses a risk for both drivers and construction workers. In the case of an accident, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault. With so many factors involved, it’s critical to understand possible liabilities.

The Driver

Negligent drivers threaten the safety of construction workers and other travelers. Several driving mistakes may contribute to a work zone accident.


Ignoring speed limits is an obvious error that can lead to a crash. Most work zones place temporary speed limit signs several miles before drivers reach them. Unfortunately, drivers in a hurry may choose to ignore them or may not see them altogether.


Work zones are most commonly found on highways—roads that motorists call home for hours at a time. From travel fatigue to crying kids, thousands of distractions can cause drivers to miss crucial warning signs.


Work zones often require drivers to merge into single lanes to ensure the safety of construction workers. Sadly, many motorists don’t bother to merge until the last stretch of road. This procrastination can lead to a domino of accidents that compromise the work zone.

The Construction Company

Although drivers may be the more obvious liable party, construction companies can be at fault for accidents as well. A poorly set up work zone has its own set of problems.

Poorly Placed Signs

Work zone signs obstructed by trees or other highway structures fail to warn drivers of upcoming work zones. Additionally, initial signs placed too close to the work zone don’t alert drivers soon enough, requiring motorists to make sudden maneuvers.

Unclear Detours

Clearly visible detours are essential to moving traffic through work zones efficiently. When these signs are hidden among traffic cones or other construction elements, drivers lose sight of where to go, increasing the chance of an accident.

Encroaching Equipment

Construction materials and vehicles that encroach on moving lanes put drivers in a precarious situation. They may be stuck driving over cones or grinding against jersey walls to ensure the workers’ safety.

Kansas City Accident & Injury Lawyers

Understanding who is liable for a work zone accident is tricky business. Oftentimes, multiple parties are at fault. If you were injured on a work zone site—as a worker or a driver—DiPasquale Moore is here to help. Call today at (816) 888-7500 for a free consultation with our expert accident attorneys.


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