Who’s Liable If I’m Injured at a Baseball Game?


While we await the 2016 MLB season, Royals fans throughout Kansas City are still basking in the victorious glow of our 2015 World Series victory. While ticket prices are likely to rise, hundreds of thousands of fans will undoubtedly pack the stadium on opening day, and for the rest of the season. Some of these fans, however, may suffer serious injuries while in attendance.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the most common sports-stadium injuries, and who would be responsible if such an injury occurred. If you or a loved one has been hurt in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, contact DiPasquale Moore today for the dedicated, highly effective representation you need.

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Injury #1: Hit By a Ball, Hot Dog, or T-Shirt

Tune in to SportsCenter some time, and you’ll likely see highlights of baseballs flying into the crowd – in extreme cases, bats or pieces of bats as well. If you are hit by such an object, however, you will likely be unable to successfully sue the stadium due to the “baseball rule.” The back of a baseball ticket contains a ton of disclaimers, one of which is a waiver of liability. If you attend a baseball game, you do so with an “assumption of risk” that you could be injured or even killed.

As for hot dogs thrown by vendors? This is covered under the so-called baseball rule as well – just ask the man who unsuccessfully sued after Sluggerrr threw a hot dog at him, tearing his retina.

Injury #2: Slips, Trips, and Falls

Although you assume some level of risk when attending a game, the owners of the stadium still have an obligation to make their facility reasonably safe. If the maintenance staff does not act properly in quickly cleaning up a spill, then resulting injuries could potentially open the door for a lawsuit.

The owner’s responsibility extends beyond cleaning up spills, though. They also must take precaution to make sure railings, elevators, and other features are safely maintained. While rare, the injuries suffered in these types of accidents can be life-altering, and often fatal.

Injury #3: Assault By a Fan

It is no secret that sports fans can get extremely territorial with visiting fans, and fights at stadiums are unfortunately commonplace. However, most of these are quickly handled by park security. When they are not, such as in the 2011 beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow, the organization (in this case the Dodgers) could be found partially liable for their negligence.

Injury #4: Injured In a DUI-Related Car Accident

When pursuing a car accident injury claim against an alleged drunk driver, the concept of dram shop liability can play a big role. Essentially, this means that any establishment which serves alcohol can potentially be held liable if they overserve a customer, and the customer then injures someone else.

Stadiums are certainly not exempted from this liability, which is at least part of the reason why beer prices have increased drastically over the last few decades, and why many stadiums will not let you purchase more than one or two alcoholic beverages at a time.

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