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How Long Do Workers’ Compensation Settlements Usually Take? 


Workplace injuries can have a significant impact and lead to unexpected setbacks that are not only stressful but challenging. Workers’ compensation plays a large role in ensuring that employees have continued financial and medical support while they recover from their injuries. This is a process that can take anywhere from a few months to years depending on the specific circumstances of the claim. Gaining insight into this process can help you get ahead and stay on top of your claim if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.  

How Long Does Workers’ Compensation Last? 

The amount of time workers’ compensation lasts is dependent on each unique situation. In general, these benefits are meant to cover any necessary medical treatments and lost wages until maximum medical improvement (MMI) is reached by the injured worker. This is the point at which it is determined that additional medical treatment is not expected to substantially improve the worker’s condition.  

Permanent benefits may come into play if the injury is a lasting impairment. In some cases, workers may be eligible for long term benefits that last throughout their lifetime especially if the injury results in a permanent inability to work.   

Workers’ Comp Settlement Timeline 

Understanding the timeline for workers’ compensation can help provide clarity during what most people feel is a challenging period of their life. Here’s what to expect: 

1. Report injury 

Ideally this occurs immediately after a workplace injury has taken place. Prompt reporting is an important aspect of initiating the workers’ compensation process.  

2. Seek medical attention 

Your well-being is a top priority and a thorough medical evaluation will not only be the best for recovering but also useful for documenting the extent of your injuries.  

3. Employer notifies insurance company 

This can occur within a few days of the injury being reported. An employer is required to notify their workers’ compensation insurance promptly. They should also submit notice that an injury occurred to the state.  

4. Insurance investigates claim 

The insurance company will typically take a few weeks to investigate the claim. They may request medical records, statements from you or other injured workers, and any other relevant information. Medical treatment should be ongoing at this time and should continue until a doctor clears you to return to work.  

5. Settlement 

If the workers’ compensation claim is accepted, then settlement is relatively straightforward and can happen months after medical treatment has concluded. However, if you believe more treatment is needed or the claim is denied, the settlement process can be dragged out much longer.  

When a workers’ compensation settlement takes longer than expected, there are usually a few common factors that are the cause.  These could include an employer that fails to initiate the process by filing a report or beginning treatment. This could also occur due to the employees themselves not following up with their supervisor about the injury and delaying the process. It can also take longer than expected if a claim is denied, new injuries occur, or other unrelated issues arise.   

Anything can lead to complications with a settlement and result in a claim being stretched on for years. This is why it is crucial to have a knowledgeable advocate on your side whose responsibility is to put your interests first and ensure you are fairly compensated.  

How DiPasquale Moore Helps Victims of Workplace Injuries 

Our lawyers are experienced in handling workers’ compensation claims. We help keep everything on track and let you focus on attending your treatment sessions and recovering. While each client we represent comes from a unique situation, our goal is always to represent them to the best of our abilities. Our attorneys know when to bring a case before a judge and are willing to represent our clients in court to fight for the settlement they deserve.  

Time is of the essence when it comes to workers’ compensation claims and getting started on the process as soon as possible is a vital factor in obtaining a successful resolution. Get in touch with our team today for a free initial consultation


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