5 Tips to be a Responsible Social Host This Summer


With the summer season in full swing, millions of Americans will fire up their barbeque grill and host social gatherings to enjoy the warm weather with friends over food and beverages. In some states, however, “social host liability” laws impose legal responsibility to individuals or entities who serve alcohol to others who then cause injury or death to others in a drunk driving accident.

Social Host Liability in Missouri

In Missouri, there is currently no law that allows an injured person to sue a social host who provides alcohol to someone – visibly intoxicated – who then causes injuries. Even if the individual who caused the injuries was under 21 years of age, the injured party still cannot sue the social host. However, an adult who provides alcohol to minors or allows minors to consume alcohol on the premises may face criminal penalties, such as a maximum jail sentence of one year and costly fines.

It Is Always Important to Keep Your Guests Safe

Despite not having a law on social liability, it is always best to prevent drunk driving accidents rather than contribute to them. The following are several tips that can be used to prevent intoxicated guests at your party from potentially driving home and causing a serious or fatal accident:
  • Be aware of each guest’s level of intoxication
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you will serve to each individual
  • If someone appears intoxicated, do not allow him or her to drive home. Rather, either call us at (816) 888-7500 cab or ridesharing service or even drive him or her home yourself
  • As a social host, remain sober so you can monitor other guests
  • Discourage guests from bringing their own alcohol to your barbeque so you can keep track of the amount alcohol circulating the event.
If you suffered an injury caused by a negligent party in Missouri, contact our Kansas City personal injury attorney at DiPasquale Moore today.


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