How to Take Good Pictures After a Car Accident


Being in an auto accident can be a frightening experience. Sometimes, accidents result in major property damage, serious injuries, and fatalities. After a collision, the parties involved should report the incident to their insurance company to determine who is liable for the accident. Providing clear photographs is good way to strengthen your accident claim. Immediately taking pictures at the scene of your accident can go a long way. Because photographic evidence isn’t scrutinized as closely as verbal accounts, the more pictures you have, the better.

Get Photos of the Accident Scene

After an auto accident, you should first check that all parties involved are safe. call us at (816) 888-7500 911 if anyone has been injured in the accident. If everyone is safe, you can begin taking photographs. The goal of taking pictures is to be able to clearly show the progression of your accident. Get images of any evidence that can show property damage or injury because it might be useful later on. The quality of your pictures will matter in court, so take the best pictures that you can. Blurry or pixelated photos do not make for good evidence. It’s also a good idea to carry a camera on you, or to keep one in your vehicle just in case your camera phone breaks in an accident.

How to Take a Good Photo

  • Take pictures from as many angles you possibly can
  • Try to include other vehicles that were in the accident
  • Get pictures that show the position of vehicles at the accident scene
  • Photograph things that can be used to establish a timeline of events
  • Get up-close when photographing your vehicle’s damage
  • Photograph any witnesses at the scene

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