Can I File a Car Accident Claim With an Expired License?


State Restrictions on Expired Licenses

If you’ve been in a car accident and your license is expired, you may be wondering if you can still file a claim. The answer depends on the state in which the accident occurred. The DiPasquale Moore team is here to give Kansas and Missouri residents some insight into this situation and a potential solution if you find yourself stuck.


In Kansas, an expired driver’s license is not grounds for denial of an insurance claim. However, your insurer may require you to provide evidence that your license was valid at the time of the accident.

There is a chance that the insurance company won’t cover your claim simply because you were not legally operating the vehicle at the time. However, if your insurance company decides not to deny the claim, you can at least expect high premiums for a while. In shorter terms—make sure to renew your license.


In Missouri, an expired driver’s license is considered evidence of negligence and may be used to deny or reduce an insurance claim. If your license expired at the time of the accident, it’s important to speak with a seasoned car accident attorney to understand your rights and options.

The DiPasquale Moore team has tremendous experience handling all sorts of claims, even those involving an expired driver’s license.

Injured in a Car Wreck in Kansas or Missouri?

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, even with an expired license, contact our office today. We offer consultations for car wrecks and can help you navigate the legal process. Our team has experience handling car accident cases in both Kansas and Missouri, so we can help no matter where the accident occurred.

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