How Motorcyclists Can Make Themselves More Visible


Lack of visibility is a common cause for many motorcycle accidents. Some drivers report that because they don’t see many motorcycles, they don’t think to look for them. Others say that they are looking for bigger vehicles like cars or trucks when they drive. Sometimes, the driver just simply doesn’t detect a motorcycle in their blind spot or at an intersection.

While other drivers share responsibility to ensure motorcyclists are safe on the road, there are steps you can take to make yourself more visible and help prevent a future accident.

Wear Bright Colors

Dark denim and leather jackets are a common outfit choice for motorcyclists. Consider finding some brightly colored options. This will stand out and catch other drivers’ attention.

At night, it’s a good idea to wear reflective clothing to maintain visibility. Many motorcyclists use reflective helmet tape when it is dark.

Check Your Headlight

Ensure that your headlight is functioning properly. While most people think headlights are just for when it’s dark out, having your headlight on at all times of the day is a great way to stay visible to other cars.

Don’t Split Lanes

Most cars are not expecting someone to drive up on the line that divides them from the next lane over. Traffic is no fun for anyone, but lane splitting puts you more at risk of being hit.

Stay Out in the Open

Avoid staying close to, or behind, large vehicles and trucks. The best thing you can do is stay out in the open so that all surrounding cars can see you. This will also help prevent you from being in any other drivers’ blind spots, thus increasing the chances of them driving into you.

Use Your Turn Signal

Always use your turn signal to let other drivers know where you are going. Weaving in and out of traffic can cause other drivers to lose sight of you.

Use Your Horn

If you are still worried about your visibility, use your horn to make sure that even if other drivers don’t see you – they hear you. If another driver appears to be coming into your lane, cutting you off, or heading toward your motorcycle in any way, don’t be afraid to honk.

Injured in a Motorcycle Crash? Mike’s Got This?

Even when taking every safety precaution possible, accidents still happen. If you are a biker who has been hurt by another motorist on the road, contact DiPasquale Moore. After learning the details of the accident, we can help determine your next best steps for receiving compensation.

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