How Do I Know If I Have a Case Against 3M?


As more and more servicemembers are coming forward against the 3M Company regarding the defective earplug, it’s imperative that individuals know whether they qualify to file a claim. While many people may step forward, there are some very specific facts that must be involved in the potential claim.

Before you can file a claim, you should know the various requirements plaintiffs must meet. Below, you’ll find the three factors involved in the 3M defective earplug lawsuit.

Years Served In the Military

The defective earplugs were only produced and sold to the U.S. Military during specific years. Those who may file a lawsuit against 3M served between the years of 2003 and 2015.

Effects Suffered By Those Affected

Individuals who were issued the specific 3M earplug experienced defects that allowed significant amounts of combat sounds—firing weapons, aircraft, etc.—instead of blocking out the sounds as they were supposed to do.

As a result, those who have been harmed have suffered from partial or full permanent hearing loss and / or tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition in which the affected individual experiences phantom sounds such as ringing or roaring.

Which Earplugs are Defective?

Recognizing the exact earplugs that were defective is important. These are dual-ended and were said to provide dual-protection from loud sounds while still being able to hear low-level sounds when one side of the earplug is inserted in the ear.

They are recognized by one yellow side and one dark green side. They also have a “triple-flange design.” If these were the earplugs you were issued during your time of service, you may be eligible to file your claim.

If you meet all three of the requirements to file a lawsuit against 3M, our personal injury attorneys are ready to help you. We’ll help identify what earplugs you were issued, order medical records, and put together a strong case with your best interests in mind.

Military servicemembers should never have their rights violated and sustain harm because a product made to help them causes more harm than good. DiPasquale Moore is here to help you hold 3M accountable for their actions.

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