Recognizing the Signs of Tinnitus


Victims of the defective 3M ear plug have experienced two different types of problems as a result of the defect, including significant hearing loss and tinnitus. However, while the effects of hearing loss are easily apparent, not everyone can identify tinnitus.

It’s significantly important for individuals to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with tinnitus, as well as understand how it can impact day-to-day life. Unfortunately, family members can’t help because the symptoms are only recognized by the person experiencing them.

What Does a Person with Tinnitus Experience?

Typically, those who have tinnitus will experience a series of phantom noises—sounds that the individual hears but they are not present for others around them. These sounds can include any of the following:

  • Loud ringing
  • Whistling
  • Hissing
  • Buzzing Roaring

When those with tinnitus hear these sounds, it may be continuous or they may experience it on and off. While most cases of tinnitus are subjective and only the affected person can hear it, there are some situations where it may be objective and a doctor can identify the sounds through a stethoscope placed in the affected person’s ear.

Not Sure If You Have Tinnitus?

Many individuals chalk up these sounds to their experience in the military, but it’s important to recognize whether or not you have tinnitus. You want to ensure that you ask yourself a few questions, including:

  • Can anyone else around you hear the sounds when you hear them?
  • Are there any medications you are taking that may cause tinnitus?
  • Are the sounds associated with migraines or do you hear them when you feel fine?
  • Did you serve in the military between 2003 and 2015 and were you issued 3M ear plugs?

There are a number of situations that can cause tinnitus, but for veterans, you may have been the victim of a defective product issued by 3M. Our defective product attorneys at DiPasquale Moore are here to help you understand your rights.

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