What are the Problems Associated with the 3M Ear Plug?


Years ago, the manufacturing company 3M made various ear plugs and supplied the military with them to help with loud noises coming from combat, jet engines, explosions, and more. Unfortunately, these ear plugs failed to fully protect soldiers.

Today, many veterans are coming forward with signs of the defect and filing lawsuits against the large corporation. Unfortunately, countless veterans are experiencing the side effects associated with the use of these ear plugs during their time in the service, making it imperative for those who don’t know if they’ve been harmed to recognize the problems associated with the 3M ear plug.

Failure to Block Out Loud Noises

When inserted into the ear with the yellow tip inwards, the ear plug was designed to allow in low levels of sound. However, there are also parts of the ear plug that made it so they did not fit in all ear canals, allowing in louder noises during the soldier’s time in the military.

These sounds have resulted in many veterans experiencing significant hearing loss or developing tinnitus as a result.

Failure to Warn of the Dangers

There are numerous allegations regarding the 3M ear plug detailing the company’s knowledge of the defect, yet they did not inform the military that the device had problems. The company even agreed to settle a $9.1 million lawsuit which went to the government and to the whistleblower who informed the government of the defect and the failure to warn.

Soldiers who have experienced the long-lasting effects of the defect, though, have not been compensated as part of the previous class action. Instead, they must take individual action against the manufacturer to hold them accountable for their lack of attention and care to military servicemembers.

At DiPasquale Moore, we recognize how serious it can be for individuals to experience significant hearing loss and how it can impact your everyday life. Because of this, we have dedicated our time to representing veterans who served between the years 2003 and 2015 and have lost hearing because of the defective 3M ear plug.

We work hard to help our clients recognize what their rights are and go the extra mile when guiding you through the process. Trust that we have your best interests in mind at all times and will do whatever we can to protect your rights to compensation.

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