Roundup Weed Killer May Cause Cancer: Missouri Buyers File Lawsuits


Missouri consumers are filing a class action lawsuit against Bayer for failing to inform buyers of the potential danger in their popular weed killer, Roundup. Bayer, the manufacturer of Roundup weed killer, has faced several legal allegations for selling a potentially dangerous substance. In recent news, several Missouri buyers have come together, with their attorneys, to file a potential class action lawsuit against the company for failing to disclose the health risks associated with Roundup, thus violating state law. Interestingly enough, this lawsuit seeks to obtain refunds for the purchase of the weed killer products, rather than compensation for personal injuries.

The Missouri Class Action Lawsuit

Monsanto, the previous owner of Roundup, has faced several allegations in the past for creating an allegedly carcinogenic substance, but since Bayer acquired the company, they are now responsible for any legal repercussions. In the past, most lawsuits against Roundup sought compensation for personal injuries and related costs. In fact, a recent personal injury lawsuit against Bayer resulted in a $2 billion verdict for a couple who claim that Roundup caused their cancer. However, this recent lawsuit seeks only compensation for economic damage.

Those included in the class action can seek compensation under the Missouri Merchandising Act, which protects consumers against fraud. Anyone who purchased the product could potentially have a lawsuit and may receive compensation for the lost investment, along with any other related economic costs. Individuals cannot, however, seek compensation for any health problems or injuries Roundup caused—such issues should be filed in a separate personal injury lawsuit.

Homeowners using Roundup for everyday yard maintenance, farmers, and landscapers alike can join the potential class action in their pursuit of economic damages. Any of these parties could obtain compensation for the amount spent purchasing Roundup items, and they may also seek punitive damages.

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